Our Story

A project that started as a research initiative to find natural and sustainable solutions for the global problems in the biodegradable waste management arena is now concentrated to provide solutions that would address many issues with just one product -ENVOREIN.

story envorien
Our approach to solving the everyday problems of customers in a sustainable way has been reflected in our purpose, solutions and product. Over the years we have strived to bring out one product to the market that solves many problems single-handedly. From the inception of the idea to forming a team, and bringing out a first-of-its-kind product – ENVOREIN – we have seen several milestones in our past. 

Vision & Mission

To make ENVOREIN a global brand and to develop more innovative products in the waste management sector. We also want to be a world-class provider of eco-friendly initiatives that help contain global warming and climate change while paving way for holistic and sustainable development

As responsible beings on the planet, our aim is to effectively contribute to instilling an awareness of the environment and conservation of nature for a better tomorrow.


Founder Marilee Nelson
The inception of the thought to give it back to nature and bestow to the society sprouted in our minds. We decided to come up with a product that would solve a burning issue of the time.
Marilee Nelson standing with her son Douglas
Once we decided what we wanted to do, a couple of like-minded people came together and constituted the Research and Development team. We started our service and welcomed our initial customers into industrial water treatment solutions
Founder Allison Evans standing with Branch Basics bottles
With the zeal to work hard and with a passion to bestow to the society, we laid the foundation and began selling commercial small scale water treatment solutions.
Founders Allison and Marilee cooking
Every process of building up a brand was taken care of with utmost care and dedication. Within a year of us starting our commercial water treatment solutions, we were ISO 9001 certified.
Founder Kelly Love with Branch Basics Concentrate
Our wish to resolve several issues related to biodegradable, solid and liquid waste started with us searching to innovate and form a product, and or solution for waste management.
Branch Basics founders eating lunch in Texas hill country
Research and Development team came up with our newest product – ENVOREIN. The birth of the new product was celebrated and first trail run of the product outside the laboratory was conducted.
Branch Basics founders standing in the factory with their formula
Our team members worked day-in-and-day-out to get our product certified and finally, we got certified with ISO, WHO, and UKCB for ENVOREIN
Branch Basics founders eating lunch in Texas hill country
All the hard work was paid off when ENVOREIN was commercially launched in the market.