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labs are the place where science meets innovations to fix planet

American Businessman, Steve Jurvetson, once said a big part of green technology will be organisms that eats waste. Guess he is right…

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Led By Science Driven By Passion

Our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory is at the heart of ENVOREIN’s innovation culture, including new product design and development, testing and advanced research. With some of the finest minds in the biotech domain, we have advanced technology and testing equipment. We have seen the development of many product ideas and solutions to protect this planet.

ENVOREIN is manufactured in our factories under stringent conditions that guarantee a high-quality standard and optimal efficacy. By controlling manufacturing in-house, we are able to constantly innovate for our customers and drive even greater speed, efficiency and cost savings for them.

ENVOREIN comprises curated, select strains of enzymes with microbial and enzymatic systems functioning as a single unit to completely break down pollutants.

  • Aquatic & land life safe

  • Biodegrdable

  • eco friendly

  • human safe

  • Non Corrosive

  • Non Flammable

  • Non toxic

  • No Side Effects


A little about all our certifications awarded by the United Kingdom Certification Board for your perusal

ISO Certified Company 9001 

We acquired the certification after demonstrating our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and also have shown continuous improvement.

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. It maps out a framework that a company can follow to set up an effective EMS. It can provide assurance that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

WHO GMP Certification

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimise the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

100 % Nature certification

Our products are entirely made with certified natural ingredients, methods, and processing aids. The certification guarantees that the company has a commitment to environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices and are responsible use of natural products only

ROHS Compliant

This is to state that ENVOREIN is in compliance with RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) as Amended (EU) 2015/863 of the European Parliament and Commission Decision 2005/618/EC on the restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances.

Conformitè Europëenne (CE) mark

It is the product manufacturer's claim that a product meets the essential requirements of all relevant European directives or regulations. These outline safety and performance requirements for certain products that are placed on the market in the European Union.

Halal Certified 

The Halal certificate is a document that guarantees that products and services are aimed to meet the requirement of Islamic law and therefore are suitable for consumption in places where significant population practice Islam  

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