It is all about recycling

More than a passionate endeavour, it is a commitment to keep our planet clean, green and pollutant-free. With the fast-growing economic growth, urbanisation and increasing population have caused an increase in resource consumption and subsequently releasing of a large quantity of waste to the environment. We are committed to restoring our planet with minimal energy usage and in an environment-friendly method. 

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Straight from the nature’s lap

Why is ENVOREIN versatile?

ENVOREIN is a proven environment-friendly product that can be ideally used in household or commercial settings where waste is generated. Its versatile nature of solving many problems with a single product is one-of-its-kind in the market at present. The biggest advantage is that there are no side effects for the product.

For over a decade, we have been experimenting with the science in nature to bring to you a wide range of products and solutions to solve environmental challenges bio-degradable waste management. From the lab to the manufacturing site, our team of experts from the Research and Development department worked a day in and day out to bring out a high-performance product.

Benefits of using ENVOREIN

Biodegradable solid waste management

Eliminates bad odour of the pollutants instantly.
Reduces the decomposition time of the waste .
Reduces emission of greenhouse gases.
Convert bio degradable waste to enriched compost.
Easy to manage leachates.

Liquid waste

Neutralises water contamination & makes water reusable for gardening, flushing toilets etc..
Reduces BOD, COD levels .
Maintains PH levels within desired limits 
Arrest bad odour instantly .

STP’s & ETP’s

Reduces sludge formation, running time of blowers.
Decreases operations and maintenance cost by saving energy.
Enhances life of membranes, Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) and Pressure Sand Filter (PSF) 
Skilled labourers are not required due to the ease of product usage.
Flush out entire choke from pipes, tanks and drainages.