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Our enzyme-based technology-driven scientific product manages the biodegradable waste and purifies the environment for a cleaner, greener and odourless surrounding!


Why ENVOREIN is the best solution for managing industrial waste?

Hydrogen Peroxide Vs ENVOREIN

Though many industries use Hydrogen Peroxide to treat the water in wells, sewage treatment plants and various other water resources, the efficacy of using H2O2 is low when compared to ENVOREIN. While H2O2 water treatment is costly and requires additional power and/or chemicals for the design of catalysed H2O2 treatment systems, ENVOREIN needs no such thing. It is easy to apply and shows desired results instantly.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs)

Using ENVOREIN in the sewage treatment plants or STPs remove contamination from wastewater, and the water released is safe to be reused for gardening and/or release into the ecosystems. After the use of our product, wastewater produced is non-toxic and does not have any after-effect. Usage of our product in STPs also aid in reducing of sludge formation; regular usage will prevent any further blockage in the STPs.

Biodegradable waste management

In the domestic waste collection system, biodegradable waste can be narrowed and handled in the local waste handling facilities. Waste when not taken care of properly can have an outsized impact on climate change through greenhouse gas emission. Unlike other products, ENVOREIN just takes 10 to 15 days to compost the solid biodegradable waste. Usage of ENVOREIN to treat bio-degradable waste is highly cost-effective, easy and efficient.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs)

Effluents are generated from many manufacturing industries and since the water released from these industries would be a mixture of toxic and non-toxic elements, it cannot be released without treatment. ENVOREIN helps in treating this water by reducing the COD and BOD levels. It also enhances the life and performance of the membrane, PSF and ACF. ENVOREIN also maintains the PH level of the water at 6.5- 8.

Guaranteed results

Arrest bad odour instantly on application.

Reduces COD, BOD levels.

Maintain PH level at desired limit.

Enhance the life and performance of membrane, ACF&PSF. Flush out choke from pipes and tanks.

Lesser sludge formation & odourless sludge that easily degrade with soil.

Reduce blower running time & maintenance cost.

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